Simple Pricing

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Base Price
$ 195
  • Food Cost & COGS Dashboard
  • Online Invoice Management
  • Snap, scan, or EDI your invoices into Orderly
  • Eliminate All Invoice and Inventory Data Entry
  • Share Invoices with your team or accountant
  • Automatically Capture Line-Item Details on Invoices
  • Ingredients are automatically named and categorized
  • Comparer Local/National Pricing on Common Ingredients
  • Actionable Cost Saving Recommendations


Food Ops

$ 110
  • Food usage monitoring, and reporting.
  • Food waste monitoring and reporting
  • End-of-month Shelf Valuation
  • Over-ordering Notifications
  • Par-Based Ordering
  • Enhanced Team Meetings
  • Review Key Inventory Counts

Bar Ops

$ 110
  • Track All Bar-Related Expenses
  • Beer, Liquor, Wine COGS
  • Bar Usage and Waste Reporting

Multi-Unit Analytics

$ 40
  • Track Analytics for All Locations
  • Compare Pricing Across All Sites
  • Analytics by Supplier, Product, and Pack Size

Questions? We've Got Answers.

  • How does the pricing work?
    Pricing is $195 per month, per site. Our solution is month-to-month and doesn't require you to sign a lengthy contract. Pricing for add-ons is also per month, per site.

  • Why is there a setup fee?
    All customers are professionally onboard onto Orderly. The setup fee covers both the technically implementation from our data team as they review all invoices scanned in to the system, as well as the guidance and configuration from your customer success team member. The setup fee also covers dedicated 1:1 guidance on developing, managing, and maintaining an effective food cost management system.

  • What can I accomplish with Orderly?
    Orderly is the only done-for-you food cost management solution. Eliminate 100% of your invoice and inventory data entry, compare pricing on all of your ingredients, and get an accurate cost-of-goods sold in half the time it takes you now because it's done-for-you.

  • How can I compare my supplier pricing?
    Orderly comes standard with supplier pricing from our Restaurant Food Index. You'll be able to check your pricing against hundreds of common ingredients spanning almost all restaurant types. Once there are four weeks of invoice data available in Orderly, you'll have an accurate picture of exactly how your prices compare to others in both local and national markets, giving you the ability to better negotiate with your suppliers.

  • You say "no work", but how much work is really required from me?
    We've taken the hassle out of restaurant management.  All you have to do is take photos of invoices as they come in, input your sales weekly, and use the pricing recommendations from our customer success team. Once you do these three things, you'll start to see your cost-of-goods-sold drop and your profits increase.

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