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Happy Joe’s Pizza: Numbers by the Slice

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Orderly is built to save restaurant owners money, time, and a bit of sanity. We love hearing how Orderly has helped them out – from the big picture to the little things they may never have thought possible.

And we want to share these stories with you.

Every couple weeks, we open the kitchen door and share tales from those who have been using Orderly.

You learn their backgrounds, failures, and success, and hopefully get a glimpse as to how Orderly has had a real impact on their business.

Happy Joe’s Pizza: An Orderly Success Story

Since he was a kid, Travis Bark has been around Happy Joe’s Pizza. But when he took over his very own restaurant, he knew his old-fashioned inventory processes had to change.

He was taking a full inventory every single week. 

That’s every single item. Every single week.

See how Orderly helped him revolutionize his food cost processes. Read his full story here.

Then, learn how Orderly can change the way you run your restaurant.

Danny BarryHappy Joe’s Pizza: Numbers by the Slice

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