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Locally Grown Success with Walloon Lake Inn

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At Orderly, we care about saving our customers time and money. And when we hear they’ve been successful, we get pretty excited.

Our customers are our pride and joy. And we want to start sharing their stories with you.

Every two weeks, we’re going to open the kitchen door and share stories from those who have been using Orderly. 

You’ll learn their backgrounds, failures, and success, and hopefully get a glimpse as to how Orderly has had a real impact on their business.

First up is Walloon Lake Inn, a delicious eatery set on Walloon Lake in Michigan. Head Chef Randy Hopkins is dedicated to sourcing every single ingredient (except sea salt and olive oil) from inside the state. He’s also passionate about keeping his business running.

Take a read as to how Orderly has improved the way he runs his restaurant. Then, check out the app for yourself.


Danny BarryLocally Grown Success with Walloon Lake Inn

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