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Saving Money on Island Time with Brix Wine Bar

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Orderly is built to save restaurant owners money, time, and a bit of sanity. We love hearing how Orderly has helped them out – from the big picture to the little things they may never have thought possible.

And we want to share these stories with you.

Every couple weeks, we open the kitchen door and share tales from those who have been using Orderly.

You learn their backgrounds, failures, and success, and hopefully get a glimpse as to how Orderly has had a real impact on their business.

This week, we sat down with Lindsay Dutcher, the owner of Brix Wine Bar. It’s located on the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Just a few months after opening, a hurricane swept across the island, forcing Lindsay to drastically change not just her menu, but the way she ran her business.

Yet, with those changes, she noticed her food costs going up and up, and needed a way to accurately track them.

With Orderly, Lindsay has gotten the accurate, easy numbers she desired. Plus, with the weekly recommendations and the invoicing features, she’s been able to save time and money in ways she didn’t expect. Find out a bit more about her experience, then see Orderly live in action.


Danny BarrySaving Money on Island Time with Brix Wine Bar

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