Restaurant Food Cost Management Done For You

Your Hassle-Free Way to a Smarter Restaurant

Save money and time with Orderly's done for you food cost management solution. Our team monitors your weekly spend and sends actionable recommendations to help you reduce costs and increase your profit, with no work from you. 

With Orderly, you get:

  • Food costs without the hassle. No data entry, no inventory counts. We do it all for you. 
  • Dashboards, budgeting, and supplier price compare tools.
  • Paperless invoice management. We store your invoices online. Always accessible by anyone on your team.

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Food Costs without the Hassle

Get your weekly food costs without having to do data entry or inventory. Let Orderly take care of that for you. 

Save Money & Time

Get all the tools you need to save money and time. Dashboards, budgeting tools, and compare supplier pricing - all in one simple-to-use solution.

No More Paperwork

Say no more to stacks of invoices and supplier price sheets. We store your invoices online, so you (and your team) can access them anytime and anywhere. 

See What Our Customers Say

"Because Orderly allows me to see price changes by vendor, as the Chef, I make sure I'm paying fair price for all my supplies."

-Daniel Stevens, Mokomandy

"At Pure, Orderly allows us to streamline processes that saves us hours of time every week."

-Guillermo Santana, Pure

"With Orderly, it's easy to see the cost of items so we can stock accordingly. I don't think we would have caught the price difference as easily without it."

-Brandon Davis, Beer Belly

"With Orderly, I could tell him exactly what I was paying. I just got it right from the app."

- Randy Hopkins, Walloon Lake Inn

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