Our Mission is Simple


Deliver Easy-To-Use, Do-It-For-Me Apps to Restaurants


Thanks for checking out the Orderly App.

At Orderly, we’re focused on one goal: to help restaurants implement better processes for running the business with the LEAST amount of time, effort, and expense.

We launched in 2014 and we’ve built Orderly as an easy-to-use app that helps restaurants move away from the manual, time consuming processes that exist today.

Our founding team is responsible for building one of the largest POS systems in the industry. They led Radiant Systems from launch through its public exit to NCR. So we know a thing or two about the restaurant space.

Today we’re a brilliant collection of entrepreneurs, technology leaders, restaurant industry professionals, and friendly humans.

Our business continues to grow quickly and that means we’re always looking for smart team members to come join us. If you’re interested, just click the Contact Us link and send us your qualifications.

Executive Team

Bill Jones is the CEO of Orderly.

Bill Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Jones joined Orderly as CEO in August 2016. In his 32-year career in software, Bill has gained extensive experience in executive, product and marketing leadership roles with both start-ups and large software companies. Prior to Orderly, Bill was a Vice President of TechOperators, a leading venture capital firm in Atlanta. A proven software company … Read more
Joe Utz, Chief Technology Officer

Joe Utz

Vice President of Product

Joe Utz is the technology founder for Orderly. He runs the development, product management, operations and data teams. As chief architect, technical team builder, and product manager, he has been instrumental in delivering the Orderly product to the market. With over 20 years of experience in building software products, Joe has worked on maintaining massive … Read more
Brian Foster, VP of Customer Success

Brian Foster

Vice President of Customer Success

Brian Foster brings over 15 years of business leadership experience in companies ranging from entrepreneurial startups to the Fortune 500. His diverse experience has run the gamut of leading sales and operations units in both manufacturing and service organizations. As Vice President of Customer Success for Orderly, he has led the rapid expansion of his … Read more