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Paperless Invoicing, Painless Inventory, & Price Compare


All in the Palm of Your Hand

1Go Paperless with Your Invoices


Capture, manage, and share invoices online. Throw away the boxes of invoices with the Orderly app. With the paperless invoicing feature, you can snap pictures of your invoices and store them in your online file cabinet. The Orderly app will capture and record invoice images, dollar amounts, line item detail, and all your existing supplier information. Flag invoices for approval and provide your team with access… anywhere, anytime.

No more lost invoices, double payments, or missing credits. Just 100% visibility to your invoice data online and in real time from any device.

Go paperless with your restaurant invoicing with the Orderly app.

2Put Your Restaurant Accounting on Autopilot

Now that your invoices are online, the Orderly app will automatically read and scrape the line item detail. This eliminates all invoice data entry for you & your accountant. You can create custom food categories and assign GL codes for items and vendors. The Orderly app will automate your GL spend reports so you can easily export them to QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

Restaurant accounting is no longer about managing the painful details in that stack of invoices. It’s about oversight of an automated system. Everything’s online. Everything’s on autopilot. Your accountant will love you.

Put your accounting on autopilot with the Orderly app.

3Make Inventory Painless


Take a complete inventory and get COGS in half the time with no spreadsheets, no data entry, and no price lookup. Use our existing inventory spreadsheet... or upload your own. Include your ingredient, location, category, UOM and price and the Orderly app will create your shelf-to sheet inventory guide.


Perform a mobile count from any device and the Orderly app will automatically update prices based on your last invoice. View starting, ending and used inventory by date. Schedule regular inventory with alerts and email reports to your chef, GM, accountant and owner.


It’s accurate inventory in half the time.


4Save Thousands with Price Compare

Are you overpaying? That's what you really want to know... and benchmark pricing in the Orderly app gives it to you. Check out the searchable food index with over 100 ingredients and see the local and national prices other restaurants are paying. With price compare, you'll see your purchases mapped to local supplier pricing... the top 25%... the bottom 25%... and the middle 50% of prices being paid.


See detailed spend reports by category, item and unit. We'll even send you a push notification when something's out of line. You'll know if you're overpaying for eggs, onions, ground beef and other important items... so you can save thousands of dollars a quarter.


5What Does Do-It-For-Me Mean?

Just snap a picture of your invoice and we'll do the rest...


We’ll store it in your online file cabinet by date & supplier.

We'll scrape all the line item details and prepare your accounting GL report for you.

We'll send you notifications every time a price increases.

We'll take your existing inventory spreadsheet & set it up online... or use our pre-loaded template.

We'll automatically update the prices on your inventory sheet when we see a new invoice price


Do nothing and get stuff done!

  • Russell Hayes from Eugene Kitchen uses the Orderly app.

Cut inventory time by 50%.
Eliminate 100% of the data entry for accounting.
Reduce quarterly food spend by thousands of $$.

Learn how smart restaurants are using our simple mobile app to save 21 hours on stuff they have to do every month.

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