See How Sugapeach Stays a Step Ahead with Orderly

“Orderly does all the analysis, and allows me to ask the question, ‘So, what?’”

Chad Simmons, Owner – Sugapeach

The Results


Reduction in Food Costs

When people think of home-cooked soul food, they’re probably not thinking of Iowa. Chad Simmons has set out to change that – but his goals haven’t come without their challenges.

The Problem

After years in Corporate America, Chad realized that there was a severe lack of soul food in Iowa – and that there was no national soul food chain restaurant. So, he opened Sugapeach Chicken & Fish Fry, with the goal of expanding it across the country.

However, without a way to easily manage his food costs, he wasn’t even going to see his first location succeed. As he says, “If I didn’t have a tool to show me how to identify my revenue and manage my costs, I was going to go out of business.”

Why Orderly?

Chad realized that a lack of data was hurting him every time he went to chat with his vendors. “They knew I didn’t have the data, so they raised the prices,” he recalls. He knew Orderly’s Restaurant Food Index was what he needed. It showed him local and national average prices on all of his ingredients. Plus, he’d be saving time and money.

How Orderly Helped Sugapeach

According to Chad? Now, conversations with vendors go perfectly. He now can ask why prices have changed, or why they’re too high. He’s thrilled to work with a “third party that takes all the data, does all the analysis, and allows [him] to ask the question, ‘So, what?’”

Mash Up Some Savings

When purchasing Orderly, Chad heard he could save hours of time and thousands of dollars, simply by being an active user. He told himself that if he was able to save more than he paid, it’d be worth the fee. So, he signed up. At the start, his COGS was at 40%. Since then, he’s been able to lower it all the way to 25% – savings that greatly outweigh what he pays.

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If I didn’t have a tool to show me how to identify my revenue and manage my costs, I would go out of business.

Chad Simmons

Owner, Sugapeach

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