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The 2018 Complete Guide to Restaurant Inventory

A more profitable restaurant? It's within reach...

To lower your food costs, you just have to start paying attention. 

Yet almost 60% of restaurants don't take an inventory. And they end up throwing away up to 10% of their food before it even reaches guests.

We're here to help you save. That's why we've created the 2018 Complete Guide to Restaurant Inventory. It will teach you everything you need to know about running a more profitable restaurant: What to do. How to do it. And when it should be done. 

What's Included in the Guide: 

The Importance of Inventory

Food costs are on the rise... But that doesn't mean you have to spend more. Instead of blindly following your supplier and sending 1/3 of your profits back into food purchases, learn how to put that cash back in your pocket.

Inventory Best Practices

There are multiple ways to take inventory. So, if you’re constantly struggling to get started, maybe your issue lies less in the prospect and more in the process. After talking to hundreds of restaurants, we found a few proven best practices. 

Common Inventory Mistakes

Whether you fudge your numbers or avoid inventory altogether, it's easy to repeat the same mistakes when you treat it like an unwanted houseguest. Identify, learn about and fix those mistakes and get the accurate numbers you need. 

Tips and Tricks for Inventory

Time is nonexistent for you and your team - you don't have hours to spend on inventory each week. Luckily, we’ve got revolutionary insider tips that will put you on an express order to restaurant profitability.

Software & Apps

With the right technology, help running your restaurant is only as far as your pocket. With all the technology out there, picking one can be daunting. We've put together the ultimate list of restaurant technology and will help you match the perfect one to your business.

The Orderly Way

What if you could get an accurate COGS report in minutes, not hours? Learn how Orderly can lower your food spend and increase your profitability in a fraction of the time.

Ready to Save?

Whether you've run your restaurant for years and want to make a change, or if you're just opening your doors for the first time, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about making your restaurant more profitable. And it doesn't cost you a cent.