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Get Hassle-Free Inventory, Invoicing, and Cost of Goods Sold

Old Way

Tedious and Full of Errors

✘ Little Understanding of Your COGS or Usage

✘ Invoice Overload

✘ Hours Counting Inventory

✘ Manual Data Entry

✘ Inaccurate Food Costs

✘ No Price Transparency with Suppliers

✘ Hours Spent Finding Savings on Food Spend

New Way

Accurate. No data entry.

✓ Data-Driven Dashboards for COGS, Usage & Waste/Theft

✓ Online Invoice Management

✓ No-Count Inventory

✓ Done-For-You Data Entry

✓ Accurate Weekly Food Cost

✓ Price Transparency with Suppliers

✓ Save with Personalized Spend Recommendation

Accurate Food Cost without Counting Inventory

Say Goodbye To Long Hours In The Freezer Counting Inventory.
Say Hello to Orderly, Your Done-For-You Food Cost Dashboard.

Food Cost without Counting Inventory

Compare Your Pricing to Market Pricing

Alerts for Theft/Waste and Over-Ordering

Track Liquor, Beer, & Wine COGS

Food Spend Recommendations

Weekly Team Meeting Report

Quickly Prepare a Supplier Order

Compare Food Cost for Multiple Units

Restaurant Technology Has Changed.
It's Time To Ditch The Spreadsheets.

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“I turned 15-20 hours of work a week into 30 minutes.”

Bill Kelley, Cass Cay

How Sugapeach Reduced Their Food Cost by 15% with Orderly

“In most cases, I knew more about what’s going on than my vendors. And knowledge is power.”

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